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July 2014
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If you didn't happen to join us live on a special Wednesday episode of Twins Hangouts, we have it all for you here.

We kicked off and gave our All-Star Weekend update. Seth's "Nacho Adventure" (:04) may have been a highlight or a low-point depending on your point of view. We were especially surprised by Celebrity Sunday (:08). We talked about Jeremy's All-Star Game (:13) before remembering that Jennie Finch needed to be discussed (:20).

We had our usual "Pleiss Distraction", this time courtesy of ERolf (:23).

We had more discussion about the All-Star weekend, including the game (:27) and derby (:34) before switching gears to Twins talk.

We made arguments for our Twins first-half MVP (:38), top pitcher (:43), disappointing hitter (:52) and disappointing pitcher (:58). We moved to the minor leagues where we pegged similar awards: hitter (1:00), starting pitcher (1:03) and relief pitcher (1:06).

We gave a 12-minute Trade Deadline primer (1:07) before Seth gave a MiLB report (1:19) with scouting reports on some E-town pitchers (1:24). 

We took questions at 1:27 and had our "closing thoughts" at 1:32. Twelve minutes later, it was all over.

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The most recent hangout went like this:

Introduction and what's up! (:00) Things like All-Star game stuff and our show moving to Wednesday next week were discussed.

We jump into the Ricky Nolasco conversation at the :05 mark. We've turned to Trevor May talk at :18 and continued with other pitching approaches in the organization.

At 0:31, we moved onto the All-Star Game. Also, what's up with Suzuki long-term? Talking trade deadline: Suzuki, Morales, Willingham. (0:34) We move on at :49 to talk about the Futures Game and predict when pitchers will make their big-league debuts.

Seth talked about his Players of the Month at :58. 

Minor League Update - Rochester (1:02), New Britain, Fort Myers (1:34), Cedar Rapids (1:38), Elizabethton (1:46), GCL Twins (1:54).

We looked at the International signing period (2:00) and took viewer questions (2:08) at the end.

We didn't break any records, but the show lasted two hours and thirty minutes. Hope you enjoy it!

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Seth and Jeremy are back in your ears after a one-week hiatus from providing you the audio of our video hangout.  If you'd like to listen to Episode 30, you can view at at

On our 7/1 show we talked about Jorge Polanco and his promotion (:03) and Aaron Hicks and his demotion (:09). We covered all the other transactions the Twins made as well (:15). 

Seth briefed us on his weekend in Cedar Rapids (:20) and that's well worth the listen. Of course, you can read up on his trip at TwinsDaily as well. We covered the rest of the action in Kernels Land (:27) too before switching great to the Twins (:37).

After a 15-minute discussion on the parent club, we switched gears and talked the rest of the minor league. 

Finally we talked about the International Free Agency period (1:26) that opens today before getting to viewer questions (1:38).

Enjoy the discussions, thanks for the questions and we'll see you next Tuesday!

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Seth and Jeremy were joined by Baseball America's John Manuel and Knuckleballs's Steve Buhr.

Hangout run-down:
0:00 - We're back
0:05 - Pino a little bit...
0:06 - John Manuel!!!
0:37 - Draft recap
0:38 - Steve Buhr - TMI
0:41 - Steve talks Kernels
1:20 - Yohan Pino and the roster decisions
1:35 - Perkins vs Pinto
1:43 - Jeremy makes a great point, according to Seth
After Jeremy's good point he forgot to updated this...
2:03 - Jose Berrios
2:15 - Preview the Etown/GCL rosters
2:20 - Viewer questions

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9:00 Intro and talk about icy balloons.

9:06 Kendrys Morales
9:15ish Joe Mauer - and that only happened when we started to talk about where Morales fit into the "best lineup".
9:33 Back to Morales
9:43 Minor League update
9:44 A.J. Pettersen retirement
9:48 Kernels update
10:04ish Miracle update
10:20ish Rock Cats update
10:35 Red Wings update
10:40 Questions
10:47 Draft (and we talked for a half hour)

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So shortly after finishing the Hangout version, John and Jeremy met up at the KFAN studios where Seth joined by phone and we continued to talk about Nick Gordon, be impressed by Nick Gordon, and had some audio clips from Nick Gordon. We discussed many things, all draft-related, before having to sign off right before the Twins 2nd round pick.

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Seth, Jeremy and John (who was at Target Field) covered the first hour of the draft live. We made predictions and covered each pick. Once the Twins picked Nick Gordon, we talked about that until we closed up shop...

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Seth and Jeremy were joined by Talk2Contact's Eric Pleiss. 

Here's a rundown on what we talked about:

0:00 - Yes, I inadvertently stole the GatG intro. John will take me over his knee on Thursday night. 
0:00 - Joined by Talk2Contact's Eric Pleiss - we covered his life, basically, facial hair and what the heck does "Rolf" mean?
0:15 - Seth took over the conversation and made it more baseball related. We got the history of Talk2Contact.
0:25 - #AskERolf
0:30 - Upcoming plans for ERolf, and then ERolf and Seth talk Twins Baseball.
0:50 - How we feel about the "powder blues".
0:52 - Steve Buhr's interview with Terry Ryan.
0:57 - Seth breaks down Joe Mauer.
1:06 - Kurt Suzuki and Josmil Pinto. What gives with the lack of Pinto's at-bats?
1:13 - Buying Eduardo Escobar? Is he the everyday shortstop? Short-term? Long-term?
1:15 - The musical chairs that are the centerfield position. 
1:22 - Twins take 2 of 3 from the Yankees behind three stellar pitching performances.
1:26 - Willingham and Arcia are back... much to the appreciation of those that like the Twins to score runs.
1:29 - Minor League Transactions
1:30 - Seth's report on Lewis Thorpe and Fernando Romero and the minor league scoreboard and other "minor" tidbits.
1:50 - Seth's "Players of the Month"
1:55 - Draft preview/recap

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Seth and Jeremy covered the end of the "Aaron Hicks is a switch-hitter" era and also discussed the Twins roster moves that were made over the weekend (and the timing of them).

We talked about the start of Phil Hughes' Twins career and how impressive he has been.

At one point, we got pretty distracted by a game that was being played.

We ended by covering the minors, taking questions, creating a new fim genre (no kidding) and discussing next week's draft.

Lots of things to listen to in 125 minutes of jampackedness.

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Seth and Jeremy went guestless on a night that the show was being recorded at the same time as the Twins were taking on the Padres.

In addition to transactions and a minor-league round-up, there was plenty of talk about what moves should be make once the roster returns to full health.

With the draft approaching, that was covered in-depth.

And, as usual, viewer questions were answered.

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