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Seth and Jeremy were joined by Jason Kanzler of the Fort Myers Miracle to talk about his Championship run, the season, which teammate he'd like to face the least and much more. We took about a half hour of Kanzler's time before letting him off of the hook.

We updated the Twins manager search (SPOILER: Not much has happened). We also discussed the roster moves and Phil Miller's Payroll article. 

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Seth and Jeremy were joined by Twins reliever A.J. Achter who shared a great deal about his journey and what it means to be a big-leaguer. Lots of good stuff.

We later talked about the AFL and the managerial search before answering viewer questions.

90 minutes of Twinfo, hope you enjoy!!

If there's a player/guest you'd like to hear, let us know.

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Seth and Jeremy discuss the news of the day: Ron Gardenhire and the staff will not be returning.

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Seth and Jeremy made their regular season finale.

The upcoming off-season roster purge was front and center and the duo only disagreed on five on the 19 players. 

We took a close look at Seth's first prospect list (41-50).

A few questions were answered before we called it a night.

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Back at their regularly scheduled time, Seth and Jeremy recapped the minor league season by naming their All-Star Prospect teams; unlike times past, they didn't agree on everything.

After spending a majority of their alloted time having that discussion, they still found time to answer some really good viewer questions. 

The show ended with a long, but necessary discussion about the Adrian Peterson saga.

Let us know what you think!

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A mid-afternoon, mid-week podcast to fill you up. We were joined by special guest Brice Zimmerman (the voice of the Miracle) and re-capped their season. We also talked about the bullpens in both Minnesota and in the minors and talked specifically of some players in the minors. We took questions and the had a nice little chat about the future of the old men in the Twins dugout.


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Seth and Jeremy talked Twins on Wednesday.

Among the topics covered were Sam Deduno, Aaron Thompson and the remainder of the September call-ups. Also who got snubbed.

Seth gave a minor league playoff recap and we answered some questions too.

The Twins announced their instructional league roster, so we listed some names that excite us.

See you next Tuesday night!

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Seth and Jeremy broke down the recently-announced Arizona Fall League roster. As of now, that consists of six Twins.  

After that, the duo decided to break down the potential September call-ups.  Following that segment, there were viewer questions that needed to be answered.  The show was held to 60 minutes.

But then Seth decided that we should talk about a handful of minor leaguers - which was great - so you're getting 80 minutes of Twins talk.  

Join us next WEDNESDAY for another Hangout.

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Twins Hangouts returned and covered many Twins topics.

We accepted the #Twins15 challenge from our Talk to Contact brothers and we're pretty confident that we killed it. Let us know if you agree or disagree.

Wanna hear about Oswaldo Arcia's hot streak?

We talked about the recent injuries sustained by both Byron Buxton and Kohl Stewart.

We covered the minor league transactions, round up and also made our Arizona Fall League predictions.

Lots of good conversation in an hour and 55 minutes of all Twins talk.

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Back at it, Seth and Jeremy talked Twins baseball for 120 minutes. The debuts of Trevor May and Tommy Milone were prominently discussed as were the trades of Kevin Correia and Josh Willingham. There were about 20 transactions - including the promotions of Byron Buxton and Nick Burdi - to comb through as well. We answered viewer questions after Seth took us on a spin around the minor leagues.

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