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Seth and Jeremy broke down the recently-announced Arizona Fall League roster. As of now, that consists of six Twins.  

After that, the duo decided to break down the potential September call-ups.  Following that segment, there were viewer questions that needed to be answered.  The show was held to 60 minutes.

But then Seth decided that we should talk about a handful of minor leaguers - which was great - so you're getting 80 minutes of Twins talk.  

Join us next WEDNESDAY for another Hangout.

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Twins Hangouts returned and covered many Twins topics.

We accepted the #Twins15 challenge from our Talk to Contact brothers and we're pretty confident that we killed it. Let us know if you agree or disagree.

Wanna hear about Oswaldo Arcia's hot streak?

We talked about the recent injuries sustained by both Byron Buxton and Kohl Stewart.

We covered the minor league transactions, round up and also made our Arizona Fall League predictions.

Lots of good conversation in an hour and 55 minutes of all Twins talk.

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Back at it, Seth and Jeremy talked Twins baseball for 120 minutes. The debuts of Trevor May and Tommy Milone were prominently discussed as were the trades of Kevin Correia and Josh Willingham. There were about 20 transactions - including the promotions of Byron Buxton and Nick Burdi - to comb through as well. We answered viewer questions after Seth took us on a spin around the minor leagues.

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Back at it, Seth and Jeremy talked about various topics in a show that lasted under two hours.

The state of the rotation and how and when it will change was discussed at length. The addition of Jordan Schaffer and how he fits into the the team's future plans was also discussed. We also debated what to do in the near future with Trevor Plouffe.

Ricky Nolasco and Joe Mauer rehabbing, Aaron Hicks being promoted to Rochester and Adam Walker's new record were all covered when we took our spin around the minor leagues.

We answered several viewer questions before trying to figure out if and when Gardy's gotta go. Seth drew some parallels that shed great light on the situation.

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The end of July brings the non-waiver trade deadline.

The action began before 9 am and ran until the deadline. The Twins made one move this morning and made more waves - sorta - right at the deadline.

If you worked today and missed it, don't worry: We got you covered. Seth and I recapped the day.

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If you're into singing, you're not going to watch to miss this one which features Seth singing Billy Ocean.

The reason for that is obvious: Jose Berrios left tonight's start with an injured shoulder. It was sad.

We also talked about the newest (future) Twin: Brandon Poulson, a little known pitcher who reaches triple digits, and who we recently learned throws a 88-92 mph slider.  He'll report to E-town.

We previewed Thursday's trade deadline as well as going through the minor leagues.

The show ended with listener questions.

We'll be back Thursday with a Deadine Special.

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Seth and Jeremy were back for another edition of Twins Hangouts. 

Jeremy recapped his Kernels trip (and baseball-filled week) at :02. Seth and Jeremy both shared their mid-season Top 10, with lots of details (:10) and that conversation lasted 39 minutes.

At the 49-minute mark, the conversation turned into trade deadline talk before discussing Saturday's possible starting pitcher at 1:17.

Seth gave his minor league updates of the difference affiliates: Rochester (1:24), New Britain (1:27), Fort Myers (1:29), Cedar Rapids (1:33), E-town (1:44) and the GCL (1:47).

We had a brief Swarzak-for-Gibson discussion at 1:42 and an impromptu injury update at 1:45.

We finished off with a 7-minute Q and A session.

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If you didn't happen to join us live on a special Wednesday episode of Twins Hangouts, we have it all for you here.

We kicked off and gave our All-Star Weekend update. Seth's "Nacho Adventure" (:04) may have been a highlight or a low-point depending on your point of view. We were especially surprised by Celebrity Sunday (:08). We talked about Jeremy's All-Star Game (:13) before remembering that Jennie Finch needed to be discussed (:20).

We had our usual "Pleiss Distraction", this time courtesy of ERolf (:23).

We had more discussion about the All-Star weekend, including the game (:27) and derby (:34) before switching gears to Twins talk.

We made arguments for our Twins first-half MVP (:38), top pitcher (:43), disappointing hitter (:52) and disappointing pitcher (:58). We moved to the minor leagues where we pegged similar awards: hitter (1:00), starting pitcher (1:03) and relief pitcher (1:06).

We gave a 12-minute Trade Deadline primer (1:07) before Seth gave a MiLB report (1:19) with scouting reports on some E-town pitchers (1:24). 

We took questions at 1:27 and had our "closing thoughts" at 1:32. Twelve minutes later, it was all over.

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The most recent hangout went like this:

Introduction and what's up! (:00) Things like All-Star game stuff and our show moving to Wednesday next week were discussed.

We jump into the Ricky Nolasco conversation at the :05 mark. We've turned to Trevor May talk at :18 and continued with other pitching approaches in the organization.

At 0:31, we moved onto the All-Star Game. Also, what's up with Suzuki long-term? Talking trade deadline: Suzuki, Morales, Willingham. (0:34) We move on at :49 to talk about the Futures Game and predict when pitchers will make their big-league debuts.

Seth talked about his Players of the Month at :58. 

Minor League Update - Rochester (1:02), New Britain, Fort Myers (1:34), Cedar Rapids (1:38), Elizabethton (1:46), GCL Twins (1:54).

We looked at the International signing period (2:00) and took viewer questions (2:08) at the end.

We didn't break any records, but the show lasted two hours and thirty minutes. Hope you enjoy it!

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Seth and Jeremy are back in your ears after a one-week hiatus from providing you the audio of our video hangout.  If you'd like to listen to Episode 30, you can view at at

On our 7/1 show we talked about Jorge Polanco and his promotion (:03) and Aaron Hicks and his demotion (:09). We covered all the other transactions the Twins made as well (:15). 

Seth briefed us on his weekend in Cedar Rapids (:20) and that's well worth the listen. Of course, you can read up on his trip at TwinsDaily as well. We covered the rest of the action in Kernels Land (:27) too before switching great to the Twins (:37).

After a 15-minute discussion on the parent club, we switched gears and talked the rest of the minor league. 

Finally we talked about the International Free Agency period (1:26) that opens today before getting to viewer questions (1:38).

Enjoy the discussions, thanks for the questions and we'll see you next Tuesday!

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