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Seth and Jeremy were joined by Talk to Contact's NoDak Twins Fan, Cody Christie.

We talked about the upcoming release of the 2015 Twins Prospect Handbook and answered viewer questions as well. The book will be out in the next couple of weeks.

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Today the Twins added four players to the roster: Alex Meyer, Eddie Rosario, Miguel Sano and Jason Wheeler. We were joined by Meyer tonight to discuss his addition to the 40-man roster. He doesn't have Google+, so we had the old three-way phone conversation. 

We mentioned the latest news surrounding the coaching staff as well.

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Seth and Jeremy previewed the 40-man roster deadline (Thursday) and what we'd do. We also looked at the arbitration eligible players and some other things that have been happening over the course of the last few weeks.

Please leave your feedback at Twins Daily. We'll be back to review Thursday's decisions on Thursday night.

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Seth and Jeremy discuss Tuesday's Paul Molitor Press Conference and talk about some possibilities for the coaching staff. We also looked at a handful of free agents - mostly outfielders - that the Twins may consider.

Please leave us your feedback. This may be the last Hangout...

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We continue to wait for news on the managerial front and we addressed everything that's happened over the last few days.

There's still plenty more to discuss, including what's been going on in the Arizona Fall League. To help us cover that, we welcomed in Steve Buhr, who is down in Phoenix on "vacation".

We also ran through the names that have already re-signed minor league deals and took viewer questions to end the show.

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Big night for Twins Hangouts tonight: We were joined by Twins starter and 13-game winner Kyle Gibson. Kyle talked a lot about baseball, fatherhood and other things that make him who he is. He's got a tremendous head on his shoulders and it was a pleasure to have him on the show for 30 minutes.

We also discussed the roster moves of the day, the coaching search and the Twins that are currently playing winter ball.

Let us know what you think! Hopefully, you'll enjoy this week's episode as much as we did.

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Seth and Jeremy were joined by Jason Kanzler of the Fort Myers Miracle to talk about his Championship run, the season, which teammate he'd like to face the least and much more. We took about a half hour of Kanzler's time before letting him off of the hook.

We updated the Twins manager search (SPOILER: Not much has happened). We also discussed the roster moves and Phil Miller's Payroll article. 

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Seth and Jeremy were joined by Twins reliever A.J. Achter who shared a great deal about his journey and what it means to be a big-leaguer. Lots of good stuff.

We later talked about the AFL and the managerial search before answering viewer questions.

90 minutes of Twinfo, hope you enjoy!!

If there's a player/guest you'd like to hear, let us know.

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Seth and Jeremy discuss the news of the day: Ron Gardenhire and the staff will not be returning.

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Seth and Jeremy made their regular season finale.

The upcoming off-season roster purge was front and center and the duo only disagreed on five on the 19 players. 

We took a close look at Seth's first prospect list (41-50).

A few questions were answered before we called it a night.

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